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Matrix HDMI - IKR42QD

- Routes High Definition Audio/Video from any Four HDMI Sources
- Doesn't Include Remote or Sub Boxes
- Unit Works, but is Missing Parts

Article number: 18050406000R
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The Matrix HDMI IKR42QD is an audio/video routing device that allows you to switch between up to four HDMI sources and distribute high-definition audio and video signals to a display or receiver. Here are some key features of the Matrix HDMI IKR42QD:

Multiple HDMI Inputs: The device features four HDMI input ports, allowing you to connect up to four HDMI sources such as Blu-ray players, gaming consoles, or set-top boxes.

Audio/Video Switching: With the Matrix HDMI IKR42QD, you can easily switch between the connected HDMI sources using the provided controls or remote (please note that the remote is not included in this particular listing).

High-Definition Support: The device supports high-definition audio and video signals, ensuring a crisp and clear multimedia experience. It is capable of handling various video resolutions, including Full HD (1080p), as well as different audio formats.

Missing Parts: It's important to note that this specific unit is missing parts, which may include the remote control or sub boxes. This may affect the full functionality or convenience of the device. It's recommended to inquire about the missing parts or consider purchasing them separately if necessary.

Installation: The Matrix HDMI IKR42QD is typically connected between the HDMI sources and the display or receiver using HDMI cables. It may require power supply and appropriate setup adjustments for optimal performance.

Please be aware that without the remote or sub boxes, certain features or functions of the Matrix HDMI IKR42QD may be limited or inaccessible. It's advisable to consult the product documentation or reach out to the manufacturer for further assistance in obtaining the missing parts or exploring alternative options for operation.

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