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License Bracket with Light

W 2 3/4"
H 8 1/2"
D 2 3/8"
Article number: 436BR
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The License Bracket With Light, measuring 2 3/4" in width, 8 1/2" in height, and 2 3/8" in depth, is a versatile and practical accessory designed to securely mount a standard-sized license plate on a vehicle while providing illumination for enhanced visibility.

Key Features:

The bracket is constructed from durable materials, ensuring a robust and reliable mounting solution for the license plate. It is designed to securely hold the license plate in place, minimizing vibrations and potential damage during vehicle operation.

The bracket features a built-in light that illuminates the license plate, enhancing its visibility and ensuring compliance with legal requirements. The light is typically an LED, offering energy efficiency, longevity, and a bright, crisp illumination.

The license bracket with light is designed for easy installation on various vehicles. It typically includes pre-drilled mounting holes or slots that align with the license plate's holes, simplifying the installation process. Additionally, it may come with necessary hardware or mounting accessories for added convenience.

 To withstand various weather conditions and environmental factors, the license bracket with light is designed to be weather-resistant. It is constructed from materials that resist corrosion, rust, and fading, ensuring long-lasting performance even in harsh outdoor environments.

The license bracket with light is designed to meet legal requirements for properly displaying a license plate. It ensures the license plate is securely mounted and adequately illuminated, promoting safety on the road and avoiding potential fines or penalties.

The license bracket with light is suitable for a wide range of vehicles, including cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, and trailers. It can be installed on the front or rear of the vehicle, depending on local regulations and vehicle design.

When installing the license bracket with light, it's important to follow the manufacturer's instructions, ensure proper alignment and secure attachment, and make the necessary wiring connections for the light. If unsure, consulting a professional or referring to vehicle-specific guidelines can ensure a correct and safe installation.

Overall, the License Bracket With Light, measuring 2 3/4" in width, 8 1/2" in height, and 2 3/8" in depth, provides a reliable and compliant solution for mounting a license plate while offering illumination for improved visibility. Its durable construction, easy installation, and weather-resistant design make it a practical choice for various vehicles.

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