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Dual LP #30 Tank Tray/Pan Kit

- Securely holds two 30LB LP tanks
- Made from a durable powder coated steel
- Has a 23.5" LP rod
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Introducing the Dual LP #30 Tank Tray/Pan Kit, a convenient and reliable solution for securely housing and organizing two #30 propane tanks. This kit is designed to provide a stable and safe platform for your propane tanks, ensuring easy access and minimizing the risk of tipping or damage.

The Dual LP #30 Tank Tray/Pan Kit features a sturdy tray or pan that is specifically designed to accommodate two #30 propane tanks side by side. The tray is constructed from durable materials, ensuring strength and durability to support the weight of the tanks and withstand the demands of outdoor environments.

The kit includes all the necessary components for easy installation. It typically consists of a tray or pan, mounting brackets, and hardware. The mounting brackets are designed to securely attach the tray to a suitable surface, such as the floor of a storage compartment or a mounting platform. The hardware ensures a secure and stable installation, providing peace of mind and ensuring the tanks remain in place during travel or movement.

By using the Dual LP #30 Tank Tray/Pan Kit, you can effectively organize and secure your propane tanks, preventing them from rolling or shifting during transportation. The tray design also allows for proper ventilation and drainage, reducing the risk of moisture buildup and potential damage to the tanks.

This kit is particularly beneficial for RVs, campers, trailers, or other applications where space and stability are important considerations. It helps maximize storage space and provides a neat and organized solution for propane tank storage.

Choose the Dual LP #30 Tank Tray/Pan Kit for its durability, ease of installation, and enhanced safety features. With this kit, you can confidently store and transport your #30 propane tanks, knowing they are securely held in place and properly ventilated. Enjoy peace of mind and convenience with this practical solution for propane tank organization and storage.

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