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Glacier Key Fob

- Any Glacier built after January 2015
- Very simple and quick installation
- The wireless remote has a range of about 40ft with no obstructions

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Introducing the Glacier Key Fob, a convenient and user-friendly wireless remote control designed specifically for Glacier trailers built after January 2015. This key fob offers a seamless and hassle-free way to control your trailer, providing you with enhanced convenience and ease of use.

The Glacier Key Fob allows you to remotely operate various functions of your trailer, providing you with greater control and flexibility. With its wireless design, you can conveniently control your trailer from a distance of approximately 40 feet, allowing for efficient operation without the need to be physically close to your trailer.

Installation of the Glacier Key Fob is incredibly simple and quick, requiring minimal effort and time. It is designed to easily integrate with your Glacier trailer's existing system, ensuring compatibility and a seamless setup process.

With the Glacier Key Fob, you can effortlessly perform tasks such as activating lights, opening or closing doors, and controlling other essential functions of your trailer. This wireless remote control eliminates the need for manual operation, saving you time and effort.

Experience the convenience and versatility of the Glacier Key Fob. Enjoy the freedom to control your Glacier trailer from a distance with the wireless remote. Trust in its reliable performance and compatibility with Glacier trailers built after January 2015. Upgrade your trailer experience and simplify your operations with the Glacier Key Fob.

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