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Furrion 12ft. Cable

12ft. Furrion Cable

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The Furrion 12ft cable is a specific cable product offered by the brand Furrion. While the exact purpose and specifications may vary depending on the specific product line or model, here are some general characteristics of the Furrion 12ft cable:

The cable is 12 feet long, providing a relatively longer reach compared to shorter cables. This length is often suitable for connecting devices or components that are further apart.

The specific cable type can vary depending on the intended use. Furrion offers a range of cables for different applications, including audio/video cables, power cables, data cables, or specialized cables for RV or marine use.

 The cable may come with specific connectors on each end, designed to match the intended use or equipment. Common connector types used in Furrion cables include HDMI, USB, power plugs, or specialized connectors for RV or marine applications.

The cable is designed to be compatible with Furrion products or other devices that support the corresponding connectors and specifications. It's important to ensure compatibility with your specific equipment or system before purchasing or using the cable.

Furrion cables are typically designed with quality construction to ensure reliable performance and durability. This may include features such as shielding for signal integrity, robust connectors, and durable cable materials to withstand frequent use or outdoor conditions.

When considering the Furrion 12ft cable, it's important to determine the specific application or purpose for which you require the cable. Whether it's for audio/video connections, power supply, data transfer, or other uses, verifying the compatibility and specifications of the cable with your equipment or system is essential.

To ensure accurate information and compatibility, it's recommended to refer to the product documentation or contact Furrion directly for detailed specifications and guidance on selecting the appropriate cable for your needs.



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