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Faria Pitot Kit Tubing - 20' Section 91106

- 1/8" Internal Diameter
-20' Length
- Black in Color
Article number: 91106
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The Faria Pitot Kit Tubing is a versatile and essential component for use with Faria Pitot Kits. This kit includes a 20-foot section of tubing with a 1/8-inch internal diameter, designed to provide accurate and reliable measurements in various applications.

With its generous length, the tubing allows for flexible installation and routing, accommodating different setups and configurations. Whether you need to connect the pitot tube to the gauge on your boat or monitor airspeed in an aviation instrument, this tubing provides ample length to meet your needs.

The 1/8-inch internal diameter ensures efficient and precise airflow or fluid flow, ensuring accurate readings and performance. The tubing's black color adds a sleek and professional appearance, seamlessly blending with your existing equipment or installation.

Whether you're a boating enthusiast or an aviation professional, the Faria Pitot Kit Tubing is a dependable and high-quality choice. It offers a 20-foot length, 1/8-inch internal diameter, and a sleek black color, making it an ideal solution for your pitot kit needs.

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