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EasyHeat Plug and End Seal Connection Kit - 10803

- Hassle-free method of installation
- Each plug comes with an end seal
- Convenience and reliability

Article number: 10803
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Introducing the EasyHeat Freeze Free Plug Connector Kit, a convenient and reliable solution for connecting the Freeze Free cable to a standard 120 VAC receptacle. This kit offers a fast, economical, and hassle-free method of installation, ensuring efficient freeze protection for your pipes.

The Plug Connector Kit includes plugs that are designed to connect the Freeze Free cable to a standard 120 VAC receptacle. Each plug comes with an end seal, providing a reliable and easy-to-install connection. The end seal helps to protect the connection from moisture and ensures a secure and long-lasting installation.

For additional accessories, EasyHeat offers installation tape, thermostats, and pipe insulation, which can be purchased separately. These accessories further enhance the freeze protection system, allowing for customized and optimized performance based on your specific needs and regional climate conditions.

The Freeze Free cable itself is self-regulating, meaning it automatically adjusts its power consumption based on the temperature of the pipe. This self-regulating feature reduces power consumption when the pipe does not require freeze protection, providing energy efficiency and cost savings.

While the Freeze Free cable can be connected directly to the power supply without thermostat control, the use of a thermostat may be beneficial in many regions. The EasyHeat EH38 thermostat, available separately, allows for precise temperature control and ensures power is applied to the cable only during freezing ambient conditions. This thermostatic control can provide additional energy savings and optimize the performance of the freeze protection system.

Upgrade your pipe freeze protection system with the EasyHeat Freeze Free Plug Connector Kit. Enjoy the convenience and reliability of a fast and economical installation method. Trust in the quality and performance of EasyHeat products, designed to provide efficient and effective freeze protection for your pipes. Ensure the safety of your pipes during cold weather conditions with the EasyHeat Freeze Free Plug Connector Kit and its available accessories.

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