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Thin Door Trim

- Thin Door Trim
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The Thin Door Trim is a specialized trim piece designed to enhance the appearance of doors while maintaining a sleek and minimalistic profile. It is available for in-store pick-up only and has dimensions of 27 1/2" width x 72" height x 1/8" depth.

The trim is made from a durable material that is designed to withstand regular use and environmental factors. Its thin profile adds a subtle decorative element to the door without overwhelming the overall aesthetic.

Installing the Thin Door Trim involves attaching it to the edges of the door using appropriate adhesive or fasteners. The trim is carefully aligned to ensure a clean and seamless appearance, enhancing the overall visual appeal of the door.

The 1/8" depth of the trim allows it to sit flush against the door surface, providing a smooth transition and avoiding any protrusions that may disrupt the door's functionality. This slim design makes it suitable for a variety of door styles and sizes.

The Thin Door Trim can be further customized by painting or staining it to match the desired color scheme or décor of the room. This allows for versatility and flexibility in coordinating the trim with the existing interior design elements.

With its sleek and minimalistic design, the Thin Door Trim offers an elegant and refined finishing touch to doors in residential or commercial settings. It helps to create a cohesive and polished look, elevating the overall aesthetics of the space.

When selecting the Thin Door Trim, it is essential to consider the dimensions and style of the door to ensure a proper fit. Additionally, proper installation techniques should be followed to ensure a secure and long-lasting attachment.

Overall, the Thin Door Trim provides a stylish and functional solution for enhancing the appearance of doors, adding a touch of elegance to any space.

Dimensions: 27 1/2" Width x 72" Height x  1/8" Depth



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