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Dometic Hardware & Accessories for 9100 Power Awning w/LED - Basement Model, Polar White

- Arms Only
- Scratch and Dent
- Product Packaging Damaged
Article number: 8952001.400BL
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Introducing the Dometic Hardware & Accessories for 9100 Power Awning with LED - Basement Model in Polar White. Please note that the product packaging may be damaged, but the contents are intact and include the arms only.

The Dometic is designed specifically for the 9100 Power Awning with LED, providing you with the necessary hardware and accessories to enhance the functionality and performance of your awning system. While the box may have sustained some damage during shipping, rest assured that the arms, which are the essential components, are in perfect working condition.

The arms of the Dometic Hardware & Accessories are constructed with durable materials to ensure long-lasting durability and reliable operation. These arms are designed for the basement model of the 9100 Power Awning, offering sturdy support and stability to your awning system.

The Polar White color of the hardware and accessories complements the aesthetics of your RV or camper, seamlessly blending in with its exterior. The damaged box does not affect the functionality or performance of the arms, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of a fully operational awning system.

Please note that the Dometic 8952001.400BL Hardware & Accessories for 9100 Power Awning with LED - Basement Model in Polar White includes the arms only. Other components, such as the roller tube, fabric, and motor, are not included in this package.

Upgrade your awning system with the reliable and durable arms provided in the Dometic 8952001.400BL Hardware & Accessories. Enjoy the convenience and functionality of your 9100 Power Awning with LED, even with the damaged box. Rest assured that the arms are in excellent condition and ready to be installed on your RV or camper.

Invest in the quality and performance of Dometic products for your awning needs. Upgrade your RV experience and enjoy the benefits of a fully functional and aesthetically pleasing awning system.

Scratch and Dent items are items that may or may not be out of their original packaging, and may show cosmetic defects such as blemishes, dents, scratches, scuffs, etc. All scratch and dent items are tested and will perform as they should, however they do not come with warranty and are sold as-is.

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