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Chrome Bezel

Chrome Bezel

Article number: B16810R
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The Chrome Bezel is designed specifically for Article Numbers 168R and 168AR. The chrome bezel serves as an accessory or decorative component that enhances the appearance of the respective articles.

The chrome finish adds a sleek and stylish touch to the article, providing a polished and shiny appearance. It complements the design and aesthetics of the 168R and 168AR, adding an extra level of visual appeal.

The bezel is typically designed to fit precisely around the article, providing a seamless integration. It may feature a snap-on or screw-on mechanism for easy installation and secure attachment.

In addition to its decorative purpose, the chrome bezel may also offer protection to the article, acting as a barrier against potential damage or wear. It can help shield the edges or vulnerable areas, preserving the longevity and overall condition of the article.

When purchasing the chrome bezel for Article Numbers 168R and 168AR, it's important to ensure compatibility and accuracy in selecting the correct bezel specifically designed for these articles. Checking the manufacturer's recommendations or consulting product documentation can provide guidance in choosing the appropriate bezel.

The addition of a chrome bezel to the 168R and 168AR articles can elevate their visual appeal, providing a refined and finished look. It's a way to customize and personalize the appearance of the articles while adding a touch of sophistication.

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