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Catch Cover Wall Discs

- 2 per pack 
- Easily interchange or remove accessories
- Compatible with Catch Cover accessories

Article number: CCWB-2PK
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Introducing the Catch Cover Wall Discs, the versatile solution for mounting accessories in your fish house or pop-up style shelter. These wall discs are designed to be compatible with various accessories such as the Rattlesnake Reel, Multi Flex Rod Holder, Cup Holder, and Pro-Snake electronics mount.

With Catch Cover Wall Discs, you can easily mount accessories next to every hole in your fish house. This allows for convenient interchangeability and easy removal of accessories, ensuring you have the flexibility to customize your setup according to your fishing needs.

Not only are these wall discs perfect for fish houses, but they also work well when zip-tied to the hubs of pop-up style shelters. This provides you with additional mounting options and allows you to utilize the Catch Cover Wall Discs in various shelter configurations.

Each pack of Catch Cover Wall Discs includes two discs, providing you with the necessary components to securely mount your accessories. The discs are durable and designed to withstand the rigors of ice fishing, ensuring they will hold your accessories firmly in place.

Upgrade your fishing setup with the Catch Cover Wall Discs and enjoy the convenience of easily mounting and removing accessories in your fish house or pop-up shelter. Enhance your fishing experience and make the most out of your equipment with these versatile and reliable wall discs.

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