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Catch Cover 18" Black Sleeve

- Cut for perfect length
- Saves Propane
- Works with Catch Cover!

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Introducing the Catch Cover 18" Black Sleeve, a versatile and essential accessory for your ice fishing adventures. Designed to fit securely over your Catch Cover holes, this sleeve provides added protection and convenience, ensuring a more enjoyable and productive ice fishing experience.

The Catch Cover 18" Black Sleeve is crafted with durability and functionality in mind. Constructed from high-quality materials, this sleeve is built to withstand the harsh conditions of ice fishing, including freezing temperatures and rough handling. Its sturdy construction ensures long-lasting performance, allowing you to rely on its protection season after season.

This 18" sleeve is specifically designed to fit snugly over your Catch Cover holes, creating a barrier that effectively blocks out snow, ice shavings, and debris. By preventing unwanted elements from entering your fishing hole, the sleeve helps keep your fishing area clean and free from obstructions. This promotes better visibility and enables you to focus on your fishing without interruptions.

The black color of the sleeve serves both functional and aesthetic purposes. Besides adding a sleek and stylish touch to your ice fishing setup, the black color helps absorb sunlight, which can assist in reducing ice formation around your fishing hole. This can be particularly beneficial on sunny days or when fishing in areas with direct sunlight, as it helps maintain an open and accessible hole.

Installing and removing the Catch Cover 18" Black Sleeve is a breeze. The sleeve is designed to fit securely without the need for complicated mechanisms or tools. This ensures quick and easy setup and takedown, allowing you to spend more time fishing and less time dealing with equipment.

The versatility of the Catch Cover 18" Black Sleeve makes it suitable for various hole sizes and configurations. Whether you have a single hole or multiple holes, this sleeve adapts to your needs, providing consistent protection and convenience across your ice fishing setup.

Elevate your ice fishing experience with the Catch Cover 18" Black Sleeve. With its durable construction, protective features, and easy installation, this sleeve enhances your fishing hole, ensuring a cleaner and more efficient environment. Embrace the reliability and functionality of this essential ice fishing accessory and enjoy countless successful fishing outings.

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