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Old Style Ventadome Operator with Knob - BV0115-04

- Replacement mechanism
- Screws not included 

Article number: B00407FV1M
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Introducing the Old Style Ventadome Operator With Knob - BV0115-04, a reliable replacement mechanism for your ventadome. This operator is designed to provide smooth and convenient operation, allowing you to easily open and close your ventadome for ventilation purposes.

The Old Style Ventadome Operator features a knob that provides a comfortable grip and allows for effortless control. With a simple twist or turn of the knob, you can adjust the position of your ventadome to meet your ventilation needs.

Please note that screws are not included with the operator, so you will need to provide your own for installation. This allows you to choose the appropriate screws based on your specific application and mounting requirements.

Upgrade your ventadome mechanism with the Old Style Ventadome Operator With Knob - BV0115-04. Enjoy the convenience of smooth and reliable operation, allowing you to easily control the airflow and ventilation in your space. Trust in the quality and functionality of this replacement operator, and enhance the performance of your ventadome for improved comfort and functionality.

Screws not included 

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