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Break Away Switch

- Designed to activate the trailer's brakes
- Added layer of safety
- Easily accessible and visible
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Introducing the Trailer Break Away Switch, a vital component for trailer safety and compliance. This switch is designed to activate the trailer's brakes in the event of accidental separation from the towing vehicle, ensuring the safety of both the trailer and surrounding vehicles.

The Trailer Break Away Switch serves as a crucial backup system to prevent a runaway trailer. It is typically installed near the hitch coupling of the trailer and is connected to a cable or lanyard that attaches to the towing vehicle. In the event of a trailer separation, such as a hitch failure or accidental detachment, the cable pulls the switch, triggering the trailer's braking system and bringing it to a controlled stop.

This switch is a simple yet essential device that provides an added layer of safety during towing. It is designed to withstand the rigors of towing environments, built with durable materials to ensure reliable performance even in harsh conditions.

Installation of the Trailer Break Away Switch is relatively straightforward. It typically requires connecting the switch to the trailer's electrical system and attaching the cable or lanyard to the towing vehicle. The switch is designed to be easily accessible and visible, allowing for quick inspection and maintenance.

By including a Trailer Break Away Switch in your towing setup, you demonstrate a commitment to safety on the road. It provides peace of mind, knowing that your trailer has an additional safety mechanism in place to prevent potential accidents or damage caused by a runaway trailer.

Ensure the safety and compliance of your trailer with the Trailer Break Away Switch. This essential component activates the trailer's brakes in the event of accidental separation, providing an added layer of protection and helping to prevent dangerous situations on the road. Invest in the security and peace of mind that comes with a Trailer Break Away Switch, and tow your trailer with confidence.

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