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Black Coax Mini TV Inlet

- Black Coax Mini TV inlet
- Does not have Power Inserter

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The Black Coax Mini TV Inlet is a compact and discreet device designed for the convenient connection of coaxial cables for television signals. Here are some important details about this product:

The Mini TV Inlet serves as a connection point for coaxial cables, allowing you to receive television signals from an external source, such as an antenna or cable provider. It is typically installed on a wall or a surface near your TV or entertainment setup.

The Mini TV Inlet is designed with a compact and low-profile form factor, making it less noticeable and seamlessly blending with your wall or surface. Its black color adds a sleek and understated aesthetic to your installation.

The device features a coaxial connector that allows you to connect the coaxial cable from your antenna or cable source. The coaxial connection ensures reliable transmission of TV signals to your television.

It's important to note that the Black Coax Mini TV Inlet does not include a built-in power inserter. A power inserter is a separate device used to supply power to an active antenna or other devices that require power through the coaxial cable. If you require power insertion, you will need to obtain a separate power inserter compatible with your setup.

Installing the Mini TV Inlet is typically straightforward. It involves connecting the coaxial cable from your antenna or cable source to the device's coaxial connector and securing the inlet to the wall or desired surface. Make sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions for proper installation.

The Mini TV Inlet is compatible with standard coaxial cables commonly used for television signals. It is suitable for both digital and analog TV signals, allowing you to receive a wide range of channels and content.

Please note that the Black Coax Mini TV Inlet is primarily designed to provide a convenient connection point for coaxial cables and does not include additional features such as signal amplification or signal splitting. If you require such functionalities, you may need to consider separate devices or components that fulfill those specific requirements.

The Black Coax Mini TV Inlet is an essential component for establishing a reliable and tidy coaxial cable connection for your television setup. Its compact design and simple installation make it an ideal choice for discreetly integrating your TV signal source with your entertainment system.

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