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60" Poise Putty Jackknife with Fold Down

- Two Cupholders
- Vinyl Material
- Light Colored Stitching
- Fold-Down Center Console
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Introducing the Lippert 60" Poise Putty Jackknife with Fold Down—a versatile and space-saving seating solution designed to enhance your RV or camper interior. This jackknife sofa combines practicality, comfort, and contemporary design to create a cozy and functional seating area for your recreational adventures.

The Lippert 60" Poise Putty Jackknife with Fold Down is specifically crafted to maximize your available space without compromising on comfort. Its compact size makes it a perfect fit for smaller areas, making it an excellent choice for RVs, campers, or any space-conscious environment. Whether you need extra seating during the day or a comfortable spot to sleep at night, this jackknife sofa offers both versatility and convenience.

Designed with both style and durability in mind, the Poise Putty Jackknife features a putty-colored upholstery that effortlessly complements various interior decor styles. The premium fabric ensures long-lasting performance and easy maintenance, making it perfect for your on-the-go lifestyle. The foam padding provides a comfortable and supportive seating experience, whether you're lounging, reading, or enjoying time with family and friends.

Converting the Poise Putty Jackknife from a sofa to a bed is a breeze. With a simple fold-down mechanism, it smoothly transforms into a full-size sleeping surface, offering a convenient and comfortable place for overnight guests or a restful night's sleep during your travels. The easy conversion process ensures that you can quickly adapt your space to meet your needs.

Installation and setup of the Lippert 60" Poise Putty Jackknife with Fold Down are straightforward. The sturdy construction ensures stability and durability, allowing you to enjoy this jackknife sofa for years to come.

Upgrade your RV or camper interior with the Lippert 60" Poise Putty Jackknife with Fold Down and make the most of your available space. Whether you need additional seating during the day or a comfortable sleeping area at night, this versatile and stylish jackknife sofa delivers the perfect blend of functionality and comfort. Experience the convenience and comfort of the Poise Putty Jackknife by Lippert.

Outside-of-bracket measurement: 62" Width

Seating dimensions: 60" Width x 22" Height x 26" Depth 

Sleeper dimensions: 60" Width x 43" Depth

Add the Liftco Bunk Bed Brackets to turn this into a rollover for your toy hauler.

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