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58x72 Drymate Maintenance Mat Charcoal - MMC5872

- Waterproof Backing Keeps Moisture Away
- Provides a Barrier Between You and Cold Surfaces
- Protects You from Dirt and Grime
- Machine Washable
Article number: MMC5872
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The 58x72 Drymate Maintenance Mat in Charcoal, model MMC5872, is a versatile and practical solution for your maintenance and cleaning needs. This mat offers several features to enhance your comfort and protect you from the elements while working.

The mat is designed with a waterproof backing, which effectively prevents moisture from seeping through and reaching the surface beneath. This feature ensures that you stay dry and comfortable, even when working in damp or wet conditions. It provides a reliable barrier between you and the cold, potentially uncomfortable surfaces, allowing you to work with ease.

In addition to its moisture-wicking properties, the Drymate Maintenance Mat also acts as a protective barrier against dirt and grime. Whether you're working on your car, doing household maintenance, or engaging in other messy tasks, the mat helps keep dirt, oil, and other debris from reaching the surface below. This makes clean-up easier and helps maintain the cleanliness of your workspace.

The mat is machine washable, allowing for convenient and effortless cleaning. Simply toss it in the washing machine when it gets dirty, and it will come out fresh and ready to use again. This makes it a practical choice for long-term use, as it can withstand frequent washing without compromising its functionality or appearance.

With its dimensions of 58x72 inches, the Drymate Maintenance Mat provides ample coverage and workspace. You can comfortably stand or kneel on it while performing various tasks, ensuring your comfort and reducing strain on your body.

The charcoal color of the mat adds a stylish touch to your workspace while also effectively hiding any potential stains or marks that may occur during use.

Overall, the Drymate Maintenance Mat in Charcoal is a reliable and durable solution for your maintenance and cleaning needs. Its waterproof backing, protection against dirt and grime, machine washability, and generous size make it an excellent choice for those looking for a versatile and convenient mat.


a soft surface for working on projects

Waterproof backing keeps moisture away
Provides a barrier between you and cold surfaces
Protects you from dirt and grime
Machine washable

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