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3/8" Brass Coupler

- 2-Way
- 3/8" Flare

Article number: 24485R
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Introducing the 3/8" Brass Coupler Male 2-Way Flare, a versatile and durable component for your propane system. This coupler is designed to provide a secure and leak-free connection between two 3/8" flare fittings, allowing for efficient and reliable propane gas transfer.

The coupler features a 3/8" flare connection on both ends, making it compatible with standard 3/8" flare fittings commonly used in propane systems. The flare connections ensure a tight and secure fit, minimizing the risk of gas leaks and providing a reliable connection for your propane equipment.

Constructed from high-quality brass, the coupler offers excellent corrosion resistance and durability. Brass is known for its strength and ability to withstand the demands of propane systems, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliable operation.

Installation of the 3/8" Brass Coupler Male 2-Way Flare is simple and straightforward. Simply connect the coupler between two 3/8" flare fittings, ensuring a tight and secure fit on both ends. Use an appropriate wrench or tool to tighten the connections, ensuring a proper seal and preventing gas leaks.

The 2-way functionality of the coupler allows for flexibility in your propane system setup. It enables you to connect two propane hoses, lines, or devices together, providing a convenient and efficient solution for propane gas transfer.

Whether you're setting up a propane system for your RV, camper, or outdoor cooking area, the 3/8" Brass Coupler Male 2-Way Flare is a reliable and versatile component. Its durable brass construction, secure flare connections, and ease of installation make it an essential part of your propane system.

Choose the 3/8" Brass Coupler Male 2-Way Flare for its quality craftsmanship and reliable performance. Ensure a safe and efficient propane system by using this coupler to connect and distribute propane gas between two flare fittings with confidence and peace of mind.

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