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20K LP Space Radiant Portable Heater

- 20,000 BTUs
- Built in Safety Fuel Shutoff
- Advanced Thermostatic Technology
- Long Lasting

Article number: YSN-CHS20
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Introducing the 20K LP Space Radiant Portable Heater YSN-CHS20, the perfect solution to keep you warm and comfortable in any indoor or outdoor space. Designed for efficiency and convenience, this portable heater is a reliable heating option for various applications.

With a powerful 20,000 BTU output, this heater provides ample warmth to quickly and effectively heat up your desired area. Whether you're enjoying a chilly evening on your patio, working in a garage or workshop, or need an additional heat source in a large room, the YSN-CHS20 has got you covered.

The radiant heating technology ensures even and consistent heat distribution, creating a cozy and comfortable environment. The radiant heat is gentle and direct, allowing you to feel the warmth instantly without wasting energy on heating unused areas.

Featuring a propane-powered system, this heater offers flexibility and portability. You can easily connect it to a standard 20 lb propane tank, allowing for long-lasting operation without the need for electrical power. This makes it ideal for outdoor use, camping trips, emergency heating, and more.

The YSN-CHS20 is designed with safety in mind. It is equipped with a built-in safety valve that automatically shuts off the gas supply if the flame goes out, providing peace of mind and preventing any potential hazards. The sturdy construction ensures stability, and the included safety grill protects against accidental contact with the heating element.

With its portable and compact design, this heater is easy to transport and store when not in use. It features a convenient carry handle and weighs just the right amount to make it manageable for on-the-go heating needs.

Experience the comfort and warmth of the 20K LP Space Radiant Portable Heater YSN-CHS20. Whether you're relaxing on your patio, working in your garage, or needing an additional heat source, this heater provides reliable performance, efficient heating, and peace of mind. Stay warm and cozy no matter where you are with the YSN-CHS20.

Safety First: Built in Safety Fuel Shutoff, Safety Tilt Shutoff and Exterior Grate Guard to ensure headache free usage.

Full Comfort: Built in Auto ignition and Thermostat Dial for added heat control. Molded handle for easier transporting. Built in fan to spread even heat (Four D cell batteries required, not included).

Advanced Thermostatic Technology: The Thermostatic technology used in the this heater is the most efficient in the industrial gas heating market, the versatility and reliability of the Flame King Heater have made it the heater of choice for many.

Long Lasting: Lasts up to 1 hour on a single propane bottle and up to 2 hours on two 1lb propane bottles (bottles not included) at a 20,000 BTU output.

This Heater is Safe: for indoor use in small recreational enclosures having means for providing combustion air and ventilation, such as enclosed porches, cabins, fishing huts, trailers, tent trailers, tents, truck caps and vans. it may be used for emergency indoor heating when connected to a 1 lb. propane cylinder. this does not apply and is not allowed when being used in Canada & Massachusetts.

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