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1G Black Switch Body On/Off

1G Black Switch

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1G Black Switch Bezel 

The 1G Black Switch Body On/Off is a simple yet essential electrical component used for controlling the power supply to a device or lighting fixture. It is designed to fit into a standard single-gang electrical box or switch plate.

The switch body features a black color, which gives it a sleek and modern appearance that can blend well with various interior styles. The On/Off functionality allows you to easily turn the connected device or lighting on or off with a simple flip of the switch.

To install the switch body, it is typically mounted onto the electrical box using screws. The electrical wiring from the power source and the device or lighting fixture is then connected to the appropriate terminals on the switch body.

The black switch body is compatible with standard electrical wiring and is designed to meet safety and quality standards. It provides a reliable and durable solution for controlling the power supply to your electrical devices or lighting fixtures.

Whether you're installing new switches or replacing existing ones, the 1G Black Switch Body On/Off offers a practical and stylish choice for controlling the power flow in your home or commercial space.

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