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1G Black Switch Bezel

1G Switch Bezel
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The 1G Switch Bezel Faceplate is a versatile accessory designed for various applications, offering an attractive design and functionality. It is specifically designed to accommodate a single switch, making it suitable for installation in any room of an RV (Recreational Vehicle).

The faceplate comes in a sleek black color, which is a popular choice for many interior designs due to its versatility and modern appearance. The black color blends well with different decor styles, providing a stylish and seamless integration with the RV's interior.

The cutout dimensions of the faceplate are 1.625" x 1.250", which indicates the size of the opening needed in the wall or panel to accommodate the switch. It's important to ensure proper measurement and alignment with the switch to ensure a secure and precise fit.

The faceplate is typically made of durable materials such as plastic or metal, ensuring long-lasting performance and resistance to wear and tear. The specific material and finish may vary depending on the manufacturer and design preferences.

Installation of the 1G Switch Bezel Faceplate is relatively straightforward. It involves mounting the faceplate over the switch, aligning the cutout with the switch itself, and securing it in place using screws or other appropriate mounting hardware. The faceplate provides a finished and polished look, concealing any rough edges or gaps around the switch.

The versatility of the faceplate makes it suitable for various applications within an RV. It can be installed in living areas, bedrooms, kitchens, or any other space where a single switch is required. It offers a consistent and uniform aesthetic throughout the RV, enhancing the overall visual appeal.

In summary, the 1G Switch Bezel Faceplate is a black-colored faceplate designed for a single switch, suitable for a multitude of applications in an RV. With cutout dimensions of 1.625" x 1.250", it provides a proper fit for the switch and offers an attractive design that complements the RV's interior. Its installation is straightforward, providing a finished and polished look while ensuring functionality and durability.

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