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18' White Butyl Tape 1"x.25" Single

- White
- Waterproof
- Highly Adhesive
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Introducing our 18' White Butyl Tape, a versatile and reliable sealing solution for various applications. This tape measures 1" in width and 0.25" in thickness, providing a strong and effective seal for your projects.

Made from high-quality butyl material, this tape offers excellent adhesion and sealing properties. It is designed to create a durable bond between surfaces, ensuring a tight seal that is resistant to moisture, air, and other environmental elements. The white color adds a clean and professional finish to your projects.

The 18' length of the tape provides ample coverage, allowing you to seal multiple areas or complete larger projects with ease. Whether you're working on roofing, windows, doors, or any other application that requires a reliable seal, this butyl tape is up to the task.

Installation is straightforward - simply cut the desired length of tape, peel off the backing, and apply it to the surface you wish to seal. Press firmly to ensure proper adhesion and create an airtight and watertight seal.

This 18' White Butyl Tape is a single roll, offering convenience and value for your sealing needs. It is suitable for both professional contractors and DIY enthusiasts looking for a dependable sealing solution.

Whether you're working on an RV, boat, construction project, or any other application that requires a strong and reliable seal, our 18' White Butyl Tape is the ideal choice. Experience the benefits of this versatile sealing tape and enjoy peace of mind knowing your projects are protected against the elements.

Dimensions: 25' Length x 1" Width x 1/4" Depth

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