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15AMP/125V Black Inlet

- Use to provide 15 Amp, 125 Volt detachable power to small towables, trailers or cabins.
- Use with any standard 15 Amp extension cord.
- 15 Amp, 125 Volt straight blade inlet.
- UV resistant housing and cap.
- UL and CSA Approved.

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A 15AMP/125V Black Inlet is an electrical component designed to provide a connection point for power input in various applications. It is typically used in electrical systems where a reliable and secure power inlet is required, such as in industrial equipment, appliances, or power distribution setups.

The 15AMP/125V rating indicates that this black inlet can handle a maximum current of 15 amps and a voltage of 125 volts. It is important to match the rating of the inlet with the corresponding power supply to ensure safe and proper operation.

The black color of the inlet is often chosen for aesthetic purposes or to match the overall design of the equipment or application. However, it's important to note that the color doesn't affect the functionality or electrical characteristics of the inlet itself.

The 15AMP/125V Black Inlet typically features a sturdy construction and durable materials to withstand demanding environments. It is designed to be mounted on the exterior of a device or enclosure, providing a secure connection point for the power cord or plug to be inserted.

This type of inlet usually includes terminals or connection points for hot, neutral, and ground wires, ensuring proper electrical grounding and safe power distribution. It may also have features such as strain relief, which helps to protect the power cord from excessive bending or pulling, reducing the risk of damage to the electrical connections.

When properly installed, the 15AMP/125V Black Inlet allows for easy and convenient power input, ensuring a reliable electrical connection between the power source and the device or equipment it is connected to.

In summary, the 15AMP/125V Black Inlet is an electrical component designed to provide a secure and reliable power input connection. With its 15-amp current rating, 125-volt voltage rating, and sturdy construction, it is suitable for various applications where a black-colored inlet is desired or required.

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