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12V Incandescent White Light

12V Incandescent White Light

Article number: 001-901XPW
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The 12V Incandescent White Light you described is a compact lighting fixture with the following dimensions:

  • Length (L): 8 inches
  • Width (W): 3 5/8 inches
  • Height (H): 2 inches

This light is designed to operate on a 12-volt electrical system, commonly found in automotive, marine, or recreational vehicle applications. It uses incandescent technology to produce a warm white light.

With a length of 8 inches, the light provides ample coverage while remaining relatively compact. The width of 3 5/8 inches and a height of 2 inches indicate its slim and streamlined design, making it suitable for various installation locations with limited space.

The incandescent white light emits a traditional, soft white glow, which can create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. Incandescent lights are known for their warm color temperature and the ability to provide immediate and full illumination when turned on.

Given the dimensions and voltage requirement, this 12V Incandescent White Light is often used as a versatile lighting solution for applications such as interior lighting in vehicles, accent lighting in boats, or other low-voltage lighting setups.

It's important to note that incandescent lights tend to consume more power and have a shorter lifespan compared to LED lights. If energy efficiency and longer lifespan are crucial factors for your lighting needs, you may want to consider LED alternatives.

When installing or replacing any electrical components, it is recommended to follow proper safety guidelines and consult relevant product documentation or seek professional assistance if needed.

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