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Dometic 6 Gallon LP Water Heater - Model WH-6GA

Model Number: WH-6GA
- 10,000 BTU input
- Electronic Ignition Gas Burner System
- Aluminum Tank
- Less Maintenance
Article number: WH-6GA
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Introducing the Dometic Water Heater - Model WH-6GA, a reliable and efficient solution for your hot water needs. Designed with quality and performance in mind, this water heater ensures a constant supply of hot water for your comfort and convenience.

The Dometic WH-6GA Water Heater is built with durability in mind, featuring a robust construction that withstands the demands of everyday use. Its high-quality materials and craftsmanship guarantee longevity, providing you with years of reliable performance. Whether you're on the road in your RV or enjoying the comforts of home, this water heater delivers consistent hot water when you need it.

With a 6-gallon capacity, this water heater is suitable for a variety of applications, from small RVs to cabins and boats. It efficiently heats water, allowing you to enjoy hot showers, do the dishes, or perform any other tasks that require a steady supply of hot water. Say goodbye to chilly mornings and experience the luxury of a warm and comforting shower wherever you are.

Installation of the WH-6GA Water Heater is straightforward, with comprehensive instructions provided to guide you through the process. It is designed to fit seamlessly into your existing water system, making it a convenient upgrade or replacement for your current unit. The compact and space-saving design ensures it can be easily integrated into various environments, maximizing the available space.

Invest in the Dometic Water Heater - Model WH-6GA and enjoy the luxury of hot water wherever your adventures take you. Whether you're on the road, out at sea, or at a remote cabin, this water heater provides reliability, efficiency, and the comfort of hot water on demand. Experience the convenience and quality that Dometic is renowned for and make every shower or task a warm and enjoyable experience.

Features: 10,000 BTU input, Electronic ignition gas burner system, Aluminum tank is lightweight and corrosion resistant, Anode rod not required – less maintenance

cut-out dimensions: 12-3/4" Width  x 12-3/4" Height  x 19-7/8" Depth

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