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7 Way Socket Kit 4

- Socket/Cable/Bracket Kit
- 11-898P model
- Hassle-free solution

Article number: 03021203W
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Introducing the 7 Way Socket Kit 4 by Pollak, specifically the 11-898P model. This comprehensive kit includes everything you need for a reliable and convenient 7-way electrical connection for your trailer. The kit consists of a 7-way socket, a cable, and a bracket, ensuring a complete and easy installation process.

The 7 Way Socket Kit 4 is built with Pollak's renowned quality and reliability. The 7-way socket is designed to provide a secure and efficient connection between your towing vehicle and trailer. With its durable construction, it can withstand the rigors of towing, ensuring consistent performance and longevity.

Included in the kit is a high-quality cable that connects the 7-way socket to your towing vehicle's electrical system. This cable is designed to handle the electrical demands of towing, providing reliable power and signal transmission between your vehicle and trailer. Its length is designed to offer flexibility and ease of installation while providing sufficient reach for a proper connection.

To ensure proper mounting and easy installation, the kit includes a bracket. The bracket provides a sturdy and secure mounting solution for the 7-way socket, allowing for convenient and reliable attachment to your towing vehicle. This bracket ensures that the socket remains in place and properly aligned, preventing any unwanted movement or disconnection during towing.

The Pollak 7 Way Socket Kit 4, specifically the 11-898P model, offers a comprehensive and hassle-free solution for your trailer's electrical connection needs. It is engineered to meet industry standards and provides a reliable and efficient connection for towing trailers of various types.

Upgrade your towing setup with the 7 Way Socket Kit 4 by Pollak and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a reliable and properly functioning electrical connection. With its high-quality socket, durable cable, and sturdy bracket, this kit ensures a secure and efficient 7-way electrical connection between your towing vehicle and trailer.

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