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Strikemaster 8" Lithium 40V ICE Auger

- Lithium 40v
- Full charge in 2-1/2 hours
- Built-in LED lights
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Introducing the Strikemaster 8" Lithium 40V ICE Auger, a revolutionary tool designed to tackle the toughest ice drilling tasks with ease. Built with decades of ice auger experience and cutting-edge design, this auger combines power, performance, and durability for unmatched drilling capabilities.

At the core of the Strikemaster 8" Lithium 40V ICE Auger is its 40-volt, 5-amp hour lithium-ion battery. This high-capacity battery provides reliable and consistent power to the electric DC brushless motor, delivering a constant speed and torque that allows the auger to muscle through ice hole after hole. Say goodbye to the hassle of mixing fuel and the noise and fumes of traditional gas-powered augers.

Equipped with a planetary gear system, this auger offers lightweight durability and high power density. This system ensures optimal power transfer, maximizing the performance of the auger for fast and efficient drilling. No matter how thick the ice, the Strikemaster Lithium 40V ICE Auger is up to the challenge.

The auger features the legendary StrikeMaster Lazer blades, renowned for their exceptional cutting speed. These high-performance blades provide a fast and clean cutting edge, allowing you to drill through ice effortlessly. With the Strikemaster 8" Lithium 40V ICE Auger, you'll experience the fastest drilling speed on the market.

Designed for convenience and comfort, this auger is equipped with custom impact-resistant handles. These handles are ergonomically designed and feature an opposing deadman/power switch, ensuring safe and easy operation. Built-in LED lights provide enhanced visibility during low-light conditions, allowing you to drill with precision and confidence.

The forward/reverse control adds versatility to the auger's functionality. Use the forward mode for cutting through the ice and switch to reverse to flush slush from the hole, keeping your workspace clean and clear.

Charging the battery is quick and efficient with the included 2-amp rapid charge battery charging station. In just 2-1/2 hours, the battery will be fully charged and ready for extended use on the ice.

The Strikemaster 8" Lithium 40V ICE Auger is the ultimate ice drilling solution for anglers who demand power, reliability, and performance. Experience the difference of cutting-edge technology and design with this exceptional auger and enjoy drilling through ice with ease.

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