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Everything you need to do a tune up on your Yamaha EF3000 generator.
MZ175 Yamalube Tune Up Kit. Contains the following:
Paper Air filter
Foam Pre-Filter
Air Filter Gasket
Drain Screw Washer
NGK BPR4ES Spark Plug
Yamalube Disposable Funnel
Yamalube Fuel Med RX Fuel Stabilizer 3.2 oz
Yamalube 10W30 Engine Oil 20 oz
Complete tune up kit for your Yamaha EF2000 generator to make it run like the day you picked it up.
The EF2000iSv2 incorporates a completely new controller with advanced programming resulting in improved output characteristics between 1600w-2000w operation ranges. The addition of the new programming allows the EF2000iSv2 the ability to power a much wide
Everything you need in one convenient kit for an oil change and tune-up!
Protect your investment during storage with a cover made from premium SurLast polyester fabric. Excellent tear and abrasion resistance for long wear. Includes exclusive Yamaha graphics.

Perfectly fits the EF2000iS and EF2000iSv2 generators.
(1) 3.2 oz bottle treats 5 gallons of gasoline. The storage treat rate keeps fuel fresh for up to one year.
Combine the power of two Yamaha EF2000IS generators
This Twin Tech cable can only be use on two of the EF2200IS model Yamaha generators.
For running two EF2000IS Generators in tandem.
Showingof 12 item(s)