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Shakespeare 5101 8' Classic VHF Antenna W/ 15' Cable

- Best of the High-End Features in an 8' Antenna
- Brass Element and a Smooth, High Gloss, Polyurethane Finish that Won't Turn Yellow in the Sun
- Antenna Delivers not Only Performance, but Superb Value
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The Shakespeare 5101 8' Classic VHF Antenna with 15' Cable is a high-quality and reliable antenna designed specifically for VHF communication purposes. It is an excellent choice for marine vessels, providing exceptional performance and durability in challenging environments.

Standing at an impressive 8 feet in height, this Shakespeare antenna offers an extended range and enhanced signal reception capabilities. With its tall mast, it ensures that you can maintain clear and uninterrupted communication over long distances, even in adverse weather conditions or rough waters.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Shakespeare 5101 features a classic design that blends seamlessly with various boat aesthetics. It boasts a sturdy construction, incorporating robust materials that are resistant to corrosion and UV damage, guaranteeing long-lasting performance and endurance.

Included with the antenna is a 15-foot cable, allowing for flexible installation options. The cable is thoughtfully designed to minimize signal loss, ensuring optimal transmission efficiency. Its generous length provides versatility in mounting locations and allows for convenient routing to your communication equipment.

The Shakespeare 5101 8' Classic VHF Antenna is known for its exceptional reliability and trusted by professionals and boating enthusiasts alike. Whether you're an avid sailor, fisherman, or enjoy other water activities, this antenna is an ideal choice to enhance your VHF communication capabilities, ensuring clear and consistent signal reception for smooth and safe communication on the water.


  • Brass and copper elements
  • Chrome-plated brass ferrule with standard 1"-14 thread
  • Includes 15' RG-58 cable and a PL-259 connector
  • Suggested mount: Shakespeare Style 4187 Ratchet Mount, or use a Shakespeare Style 410-R Mounting Kit plus a Style 4008 Extension Mast to form a 16' antenna system
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