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12VDC Converter PM3-45LK 45A

- 12VDC Converter
-Electronic current limiting capability
- Operates quietly
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The PowerMax PM3 Series 12VDC Converter PM3-45LK 45A is a reliable and efficient power converter designed to meet your electrical needs. With its advanced features and convenient installation, this converter is a versatile solution for various applications.

One standout feature of this converter is the electronic current limiting capability. In the event of an overload or short-circuit condition, the converter's electronic current limiting automatically shuts down the power, protecting your equipment and preventing any potential damage. This feature ensures safe and reliable operation, giving you peace of mind during operation.

Despite its powerful performance, the PowerMax PM3 Series 12VDC Converter operates quietly, providing a peaceful environment for your activities. This converter offers a wide range of output options, accommodating different charging and load requirements. Its versatility makes it suitable for a variety of applications.

Convenient deck mount installation makes setting up the PM3-45LK 45A converter a breeze. The deck mount design allows for easy access and secure placement, ensuring a stable installation that is both practical and efficient.

The output of this converter is designed with different voltage ranges to meet specific needs. The absorption range operates at 13.6 V DC, which includes both charging and load functions. The bulk range operates at 14.4 V DC, while the float range operates at 13.2 V DC. These output ranges provide flexibility and ensure optimal performance based on your requirements.

The PowerMax PM3 Series 12VDC Converter PM3-45LK 45A is an excellent choice for individuals and professionals alike who require a reliable power conversion solution. With its electronic current limiting, quiet operation, convenient installation, and multiple output ranges, this converter offers the functionality and versatility needed for a wide range of applications.

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