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Maxxfan Dome Plus White with LED Lighting - 00-03810W

- Designed for rooftop or sidewall ventilation applications
- 6" exhaust only fan with manual lift lid
- Locking lid with single-hand push button operation
- Removable screens make cleaning a breeze
Article number: 00-03810W
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Introducing the AIRXCEL Maxxfan Dome Plus White with LED Lighting - 00-03810W, a compact 12V ventilation solution designed to provide efficient airflow and moisture control in small areas. This product offers convenience, functionality, and added illumination with its integrated LED lighting feature.

Designed for both rooftop and sidewall ventilation applications, the Maxxfan Dome Plus White is a versatile option to improve air circulation and control humidity levels. Its compact size and 6" exhaust-only fan make it ideal for smaller spaces, ensuring effective ventilation even in limited areas.

The manual lift lid of the Maxxfan Dome Plus White allows for easy operation, allowing you to adjust the airflow and ventilation as needed. The locking lid with a single-hand push button operation ensures a secure and hassle-free experience.

Cleaning is a breeze with the removable screens incorporated in the design. These screens can be easily taken out for quick and convenient maintenance, ensuring optimal performance and longevity of the fan.

The Maxxfan Dome Plus White is specifically designed for 1" roof thicknesses, offering a seamless installation process. Extensions are available separately, allowing for compatibility with roofs up to 6" thick.

Available in a sleek white finish, this product seamlessly blends with the aesthetics of your RV or small space. However, if you prefer a different color option, the Maxxfan Dome Plus is also available in black, providing flexibility to match your personal style and preferences.

Included with the Maxxfan Dome Plus White is a matching fan guard. This fan guard not only acts as a rain shield, protecting your interior from inclement weather and debris but also serves as a safety feature by preventing accidental contact with the fan blades.

The integrated LED lighting feature provides added convenience and illumination to your space. Whether you need additional light during nighttime or prefer a soft ambient glow, the LED lighting enhances functionality and creates a pleasant environment.

Enhance your ventilation system and control moisture levels with the AIRXCEL Maxxfan Dome Plus White with LED Lighting - 00-03810W. With its compact design, easy operation, removable screens, and integrated LED lighting, this product offers a complete solution for efficient airflow and lighting in your small space. Please note that while the product comes in its original package, the box may have sustained some damage. Rest assured, the Maxxfan Dome Plus White itself remains unaffected and ready to provide reliable ventilation and lighting.

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