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Kingpin 15" Fixed Height Post

Model Number: 1610415-A
- Springfield Marine
- Anodized Finish
Article number: 3001.9941
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Introducing the Kingpin Post, a versatile and reliable component for trailer hitch systems. This Kingpin Post measures 15 inches in length and is classified as "Scratch and Dent," meaning it may have minor cosmetic imperfections such as small scratches. Despite these blemishes, it still provides a functional and durable solution for your towing needs.

The Kingpin Post is designed to be used in conjunction with a fifth wheel or gooseneck trailer hitch system. It serves as the connecting point between the trailer and the towing vehicle, ensuring a secure and stable attachment. The 15-inch length offers compatibility with various trailer heights and towing setups, providing versatility for different applications.

Although the Kingpin Post in the "Scratch and Dent" category may have small scratches, these cosmetic imperfections do not affect its performance or structural integrity. It still maintains the same functionality and reliability as a brand new Kingpin Post, making it an affordable option for those who prioritize functionality over aesthetic appearance.

Installation of the Kingpin Post is typically straightforward and compatible with standard fifth wheel or gooseneck hitch systems. It is crucial to ensure that the Kingpin Post is securely fastened and properly locked into place to ensure safe towing operations.

The Kingpin Post's scratch and dent condition makes it an ideal choice for those seeking a budget-friendly option without compromising on quality. It offers reliable towing capabilities while accommodating minor cosmetic imperfections.

Upgrade your towing setup with the Kingpin Post, featuring a 15-inch length and a "Scratch and Dent" classification. Despite the small scratches, it remains a reliable and functional component for your trailer hitch system, providing a secure connection between your towing vehicle and trailer.

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