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Bilge Pump 1100GPH 27DA

- Submersible and ignition protected
- Highly efficient, low amp motor
- Stainless-steel shaft
Article number: 27DA
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The Bilge Pump 1100GPH 27DA is designed to meet the demands of customers who prioritize fast and efficient water removal from their bilges. With improved design and performance, this pump is capable of producing a high flow rate of 1100 gallons per hour (GPH) at just 12 volts, surpassing previous requirements of 13.6 volts. This makes it compatible with the typical voltage supply found on board boats.

One of the notable features of this next-generation pump is the inclusion of check valves and a hidden air vent. The hidden air vent, located under each strainer tab, prevents air locking by releasing any trapped air in the pump housing. This ensures continuous and uninterrupted water flow.

The Bilge Pump 1100GPH 27DA is equipped with true electromagnetic suppression (EMC) to prevent interference with other electronic devices on board. It also has a built-in thermal cell that provides protection for both the pump and the vessel in situations where excessive heat is detected.

Both the inside and outside of this bilge pump have been re-engineered to deliver optimal performance. The highly efficient motor draws low amperage, minimizing power consumption. The stainless-steel shaft ensures durability and reliability, even in demanding marine environments. Additionally, the pump includes a backflow preventer to maintain optimal functionality.

Please note that this product is listed as "Scratch and Dent" and may have cosmetic imperfections such as scratches. However, its performance and functionality remain uncompromised.

The Bilge Pump 1100GPH 27DA is a non-automatic pump designed to be used with a panel switch or a Rule float switch. It is submersible and ignition protected, making it suitable for use in various marine applications.

Upgrade your bilge system with the Bilge Pump 1100GPH 27DA. Its efficient and reliable operation, combined with the included features like the hidden air vent and backflow preventer, ensure optimal water removal and peace of mind during your boating adventures.

Scratch and Dent, has scratches

Scratch and Dent items are items that may or may not be out of their original packaging, and may show cosmetic defects such as blemishes, dents, scratches, scuffs, etc. All scratch and dent items are tested and will perform as they should, however they do not come with warranty and are sold as-is.

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