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Articulating Grill Mount

- FlameKing Grill Sold Separately
- Large Range of Motion
- Folds Up and Secures with a Pin
Article number: MNT-GRILL-2
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Take your grilling experience to the next level with the Articulating Grill Mount. This versatile mount is designed to securely hold your FlameKing Grill (sold separately) and provide you with ultimate convenience and flexibility during your outdoor cooking adventures.

The Articulating Grill Mount features a sturdy and durable construction, ensuring the stability and safety of your grill while in use. Its articulating design allows you to easily adjust the angle and position of the grill, providing you with precise control over the cooking process. Whether you prefer grilling at a lower height or raising it higher for better accessibility, this mount has got you covered.

Installation is a breeze with the included mounting hardware. Simply attach the mount to a suitable surface, such as a wall, post, or RV exterior, and securely fasten your FlameKing Grill onto it. The mount is designed to accommodate various sizes and models of FlameKing Grills, ensuring compatibility and a secure fit.

With the Articulating Grill Mount, you can create a dedicated grilling station in your backyard, on your patio, or even while on the road in your RV. It allows you to optimize your grilling space and frees up valuable surface area, making it perfect for smaller outdoor living spaces.

Please note that the FlameKing Grill is sold separately and is not included with the Articulating Grill Mount. Make sure to choose the compatible grill model that suits your needs and preferences.

Upgrade your outdoor cooking setup with the Articulating Grill Mount and enjoy the convenience, flexibility, and precision it brings to your grilling sessions. Elevate your grilling game and create memorable culinary experiences with ease and style.

FlameKing grill sold separately

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