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8X12 Aluma Lite Skid House Matte Black

- under 1000lbs
- Hyfax
- 2 windows
- rubber floor
Article number: AL12381244156-23
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Introducing the 8X12 Aluma Lite Skid House in Matte Black, a lightweight and customizable skid house designed to enhance your ice fishing experience. With its compact size and range of features, this skid house offers convenience and versatility on the ice.

Weighing in at under 1000 lbs, this skid house allows you to get out on the ice before the wheel houses, giving you a head start on your fishing adventures. The lightweight construction makes it easy to tow and maneuver, ensuring hassle-free transportation.

Customization is key with this skid house. You have the flexibility to pick your preferred locations for the 6 holes, allowing you to create the setup that best suits your fishing needs. This customizable feature ensures that the skid house is tailored to your preferences, making your ice fishing experience more enjoyable.

The skid house comes equipped with essential features to enhance comfort and functionality. The included Hyfax provides excellent protection and smooth movement on the ice, while the 2 windows allow for natural light and visibility. The rubber floor adds comfort underfoot, and the spray foam insulation, including the floor, helps to keep the interior warm and cozy.

Measuring 98" wide and 166" long outside the ski's, this skid house offers ample space for you to fish and relax comfortably. The compact size makes it easy to find a suitable spot on the ice, while still providing enough room for you and your fishing gear.

For more information or want a custom skid house, please contact us! Customize your ice fishing setup with the 8X12 Aluma Lite Skid House in Matte Black and enjoy the convenience, versatility, and comfort it offers. Take advantage of its lightweight construction, customizable hole locations, Hyfax, windows, rubber floor, and spray foam insulation to create your perfect ice fishing shelter.

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