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6x8 Aluma Lite Spear Skid House Matte Red

- Spear door and 4 angling holes installed. 
- Spear door 22" x 44" 
- 1/4" Hyfax
Article number: AL082168494-22
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The 6x8 Aluma Lite Spear Skid House in Matte Red is a high-quality and feature-rich ice fishing shelter designed to enhance your ice fishing experience. This skid house comes with a range of standard features, making it a versatile and reliable option for anglers.

Constructed with durability in mind, this skid house is built with high-quality materials to withstand the harsh conditions of ice fishing. It features a closed-cell insulation that ensures excellent thermal efficiency, keeping you warm and comfortable during your fishing trips.

The skid house is equipped with 1/4" Hyfax runners, providing smooth and effortless mobility across the ice. The 24 x 36 Argon-filled windows offer clear visibility and help maintain a comfortable interior temperature. The skid house also includes hole covers to seal off unused fishing holes and prevent drafts.

For convenience and functionality, the skid house comes with a spear door, measuring 22" x 44". This door provides easy access to the interior, allowing you to move in and out of the shelter effortlessly. Additionally, four angling holes are pre-installed, offering versatility in fishing setups.

Inside the skid house, you'll find rubber flooring that provides traction and insulation. This flooring ensures a comfortable and safe environment while you enjoy your ice fishing experience.

The 6x8 Aluma Lite Spear Skid House Matte Red combines durability, insulation, and a range of standard features to create an ideal ice fishing shelter. Whether you're an experienced angler or just starting out, this skid house provides a reliable and comfortable space for your ice fishing adventures. Its sturdy construction, insulated design, spear door, angling holes, and additional features make it a fantastic choice for any ice fishing enthusiast.

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