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6X12 Aluma Lite Skid House Matte Blue

- Matte blue
- Approximately 650lbs
- 6 holes
Article number: AL92261236948-23
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Introducing the 6X12 Aluma Lite Skid House in a sleek Matte Blue finish, perfect for hitting the ice early and maximizing your ice fishing experience. With a weight of approximately 650lbs, this skid house offers a lightweight and portable solution for your fishing needs.

Featuring six holes, this skid house provides you with a variety of choices for angling, allowing you to adapt to different fishing conditions and techniques.

Inside the skid house, you'll find a rubber flooring that not only adds a polished look but also offers easy maintenance. The finished surface is simple to clean, ensuring that you can focus on your fishing without worrying about the mess.

For optimal insulation and comfort, the skid house is fully insulated with closed-cell insulation throughout, including the floor. This insulation helps to retain heat and maintain a comfortable temperature inside the house, even during frigid winter days.

As part of the standard package, this skid house comes equipped with a range of features. It includes 3/8" Hyfax, which provides durability and smooth movement across the ice. The 24" x 36" Argon-filled windows allow for natural light and clear visibility. Additionally, the package includes hole covers, a hitch, rubber flooring, and 12V lighting to ensure convenience and functionality.

The dimensions of the skid house measure 74" wide and 167" long, including the hyfax. This size offers plenty of space for you and your fishing gear, allowing for a comfortable and enjoyable fishing experience.

If you would like more information about this skid house or if you have specific customization requests, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are dedicated to providing you with a skid house that meets your unique fishing requirements.

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