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6x10V Aluma Lite Skid House Gloss Black

- Hyfax
- Argon filled windows
- Rubber flooring
Article number: AL12361047637-23
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Introducing the 6x10 V Nose Aluma Lite Skid House in Gloss Black, a high-quality and reliable skid house designed to provide you with a comfortable and enjoyable ice fishing experience. This skid house comes with a range of standard features to enhance your ice fishing adventures.

Constructed with durability in mind, the skid house features a V Nose design that not only adds structural integrity but also improves aerodynamics during transport. The Gloss Black finish gives it a sleek and stylish look that stands out on the ice.

Equipped with 3/8" Hyfax, the skid house offers excellent protection and smooth movement on the ice. The 24 X 36 Argon-filled windows provide ample natural light and allow for clear visibility of your surroundings. The windows are also energy-efficient, helping to keep the interior comfortable while minimizing heat loss.

To ensure versatility, the skid house comes with hole covers that allow you to control the airflow and keep the interior temperature regulated. The hitch provides easy towing and maneuverability, allowing you to transport the skid house to your preferred ice fishing spot effortlessly.

Rubber flooring adds comfort and insulation, providing a soft surface to walk on and helping to keep the interior warm. This enhances your overall fishing experience and makes the skid house more enjoyable to spend time in.

With its standard features, the 6x10 V Nose Aluma Lite Skid House in Gloss Black offers a reliable and functional ice fishing setup. Enjoy the convenience of the included 3/8" Hyfax, 24 X 36 Argon-filled windows, hole covers, hitch, and rubber flooring.

For more information or want a custom skid house, please contact us. Elevate your ice fishing adventures with the 6x10 V Nose Aluma Lite Skid House in Gloss Black and experience the convenience and comfort it provides on the ice.

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