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6PC COB LED Shelter Lights

Easy lighting solution for your ice fishing hub or shanty.
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The 6PC COB LED Shelter Lights is a lighting kit that includes various types of lights designed for use in shelters, such as tents, camping canopies, or outdoor recreational areas. This kit provides versatile lighting options to illuminate the shelter space effectively.

The kit consists of the following components:

Bar Shelter Light: This is a single bar-shaped light fixture designed to provide widespread illumination. It typically features multiple COB (Chip-on-Board) LED chips, which offer bright and energy-efficient lighting. The bar shelter light is ideal for lighting up larger shelter areas or workspaces.

Puck Style Shelter Lights: These are compact, circular-shaped lights that offer focused lighting in specific areas. They are typically equipped with COB LED chips or other high-efficiency LED technology. Puck style lights can be placed strategically to provide localized illumination or task lighting within the shelter.

Powerful UV Lure Glow Lights: These lights emit powerful ultraviolet (UV) light, which can attract certain insects or create an ambient glow effect. UV lure glow lights are often used for bug trapping or enhancing the atmosphere within the shelter space.

The lighting kit may also include additional accessories, such as light hooks and magnets, to facilitate easy mounting and installation. These accessories allow you to hang or attach the lights to various surfaces within the shelter, providing flexible lighting options and customization.

The COB LED technology used in these lights ensures bright and energy-efficient illumination. COB LEDs offer higher brightness levels and better light distribution compared to traditional LED lights, making them suitable for various shelter lighting needs.

The 6PC COB LED Shelter Lights kit is designed to be portable and user-friendly, making it convenient for outdoor enthusiasts or campers. It provides a comprehensive lighting solution for sheltered spaces, offering a combination of general lighting, localized illumination, UV effects, and easy installation options.

In summary, the 6PC COB LED Shelter Lights kit includes a bar shelter light, puck style shelter lights, powerful UV lure glow lights, and accessories for easy mounting. It is designed to provide versatile and efficient lighting for shelters, allowing for enhanced visibility and ambiance in outdoor recreational areas or camping setups.

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