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5x7+V Aluma Lite Skid House Spear Matte Black

- Spear door
- 12v LED lighting
- rubber diamond plate flooring
Article number: AL082157479-22
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The 5x7 Aluma Lite Skid House V Spear in Matte Black is an exceptional ice fishing shelter that combines functionality, durability, and convenience. Designed with a V nose and featuring spray foam on all sides, this skid house offers superior insulation and protection against the elements.

Measuring 5x7 feet, this skid house provides ample space for your ice fishing needs. The V nose design enhances stability and aerodynamics, ensuring optimal performance even in challenging weather conditions.

With spray foam insulation on all sides, this skid house provides excellent thermal efficiency, keeping you warm and comfortable during your ice fishing adventures. The insulation helps maintain a consistent temperature inside the shelter, allowing you to focus on your fishing without being affected by the cold.

Equipped with a spear door, entering and exiting the skid house is quick and easy. The spear door provides a spacious opening, allowing you to easily move your equipment in and out of the shelter.

For enhanced visibility and convenience, the skid house comes with 12v LED lighting. The LED lights provide ample illumination inside the shelter, ensuring you have optimal visibility during your fishing sessions.

The rubber diamond plate flooring adds durability and traction, providing a secure footing as you move around the skid house. It also helps insulate the floor, keeping your feet comfortable even on cold ice surfaces.

The 5x7 Aluma Lite Skid House V Spear Matte Black is a premium choice for ice fishing enthusiasts. With its V nose design, spray foam insulation, spear door, LED lighting, and rubber diamond plate flooring, this skid house offers exceptional performance and comfort. Enjoy your ice fishing trips with this reliable and feature-rich shelter.

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